Road plan ‘bombshell’ for Warwickshire GAA

Road plan ‘bombshell’ for Warwickshire GAA

Highways England’s plans to build a relief road off junction six of the M42 will have a “hugely damaging effect on Pairc na hEireann (…) stakeholders and consequently the sustainability of Gaelic Games (a minority sport), in Warwickshire.”

Warwickshire GAA Secretary Michael Colling said “We feel strongly that the new proposals will impact negatively on both the environment and the accessibility of Pairc na hEireann”, He added, “without people (players and spectators) we will have no games”.

The Trustees and Officers of Warwickshire County Board believe the only viable solution, to preserve the sporting facilities, heritage, cultural fabric and harmony of our current facilities, is a well-executed, relocation of our grounds. “A well-executed Compulsory Purchase Order leaves the individual is a no worse off state, this cannot be said of Highway England’s current proposals for Pairc na hEireann.”

The hugely important monument to deceased members, currently symbolically situated at the highest point on our facility, will also have to be re-sited.

The Warwickshire GAA County Board have asked as many members and acquaintances as possible to do two simple but hugely effecting tasks to support our ongoing fight.

Please be aware that consultation closes on October 2nd so could all concerned please complete same within this timeframe.

1. Contact as many MPs as possible by asking them to write to the Secretary of State for Transport stating why the current offer being proposed does not leave the 3000 Warwickshire GAA membership and the 12,000 GAA members nationally in an equivalent position to that which it was in before the development and because of this in conclusion that the reconfigured site is not, in fact, a reasonable alternative and therefore decide that the preferred location is the only realistic option.

2. Complete the online response form found at

again stating the facts above and informing why the GAA needs a relocation due to the following issues

• the fabric of our oasis-like rural recreational facility boarding on a minor B road some 30m away will be replaced by a 2000 cars per hour 4 lane dual carriage within 5 metres of our Main County Pitch, with pitch two covered in concrete and pitch three reduced to that of a juvenile training pitch.

• Noise and Air pollution coming from the dual carriageway will affect the hearing, lungs and performance of all users and visitors to Pairc na hEireann, especially our youngest members, despite the best scientific advances in emission technologies and motorway design.

• No thought as to where our beloved monument might be replaced.

• No thought as to the safety of road users with sliothars (Hurling balls) travelling at over 150km/h (93 mph) and over 110m (361ft).

• No thought to the current safety features of our site with our nearest pitch being placed 30 metres away from the B road.

• No thought to the suitability of lands adjacent to our current facility – to the north underneath the flight path, to the west on a disused land fill completed before safe dumping regulations were in place, to the south above an oil pipeline of national infrastructural importance serving the airport.

“The only alternative to preserve the fabric of what we currently have is a relocation; this is the only viable solution that leaves us in an equivalent position; all other proposals leave Warwickshire GAA worse off. This is clearly not within the remit of a well executed Compulsory Purchase Order. We demand to have a facility of equivalent benefits.”